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Kjærlighetens akademia

Fagartikler i akademiske tidsskrifter har ofte drepende kjedelige titler. De er beskrivende, konsise og informative; de fører til at ingen ønsker å lese dem.

Andre artikler har fantastiske titler, og som en tommelfingerregel kan man anta at disse artiklene er mer interessante. Det skyldes enkelt og greit at mennesker som kommer på så interessante titler er fysisk ute av stand til å produsere kjedelig innhold.

Her er noen eksempler, med et lite sitat fra innholdet. Skynd deg å lese disse!

  • Love and Taxes – and Matching Institutions.1
    «Everyone prefers a partner that has a high income and is a perfect emotional match, but compromises must often be struck. A high-income earner may abstain from marrying a low-income earner even though they would be a perfect match emotionally, because he may dislike the implicit income redistribution implied by marriage. Redistributive income taxation may ease this problem.»
  • Necessity, Volitions, and Love.2
    «It is sometimes claimed that the analytic philosophy in which I was educated, and to whose ethos and canons of intellectual style I still endeavour more or less to adhere, possesses certain new and especially powerful tools and techniques, which allegedly enable it to achieve an invaluable penetration and rigor but which inevitably also distance it from the uninitiated. I have no idea what these remarkable tools and techniques are supposed to be, and I am pretty sure that I do not possess them.»
  • «Jane Eyre» and the Secrets of Furious Lovemaking.3
    «And still less was I certain how to treat her further description of the book’s distinguishing characteristic as its portrayal of »furious lovemaking«-–a kind of lovemaking that she thought constituted »a wild declaration of the ’Rights of Woman’ in a new aspect.« To be frank, seventies feminism was uneasy in the presence of the erotic, torn between Erica Jong’s notorious celebration of the »zipless fuck« and Kate Millett’s not unrelated claim that »there is no remedy to sexual politics in marriage.\"

Det finnes helt sikkert flere – vet du om noen?

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